The Resilient Investor (Book Summary)

ResilientInvestorCover“The Resilient Investor: A Plan for Your Life, Not Just Your Money” by Hal Brill, Michael Kramer, and Christopher Peck

This is a relatively short book with a big vision.  It offers a framework to observe and reflect on investments more broadly, and to keep an eye on how those investments will be affected by a range of scenarios that could play out in an uncertain future.

The “resilient” part of the title is defined as “the capacity of a system, enterprise, or a person to maintain its core purpose and integrity in the face of dramatically changed circumstances.” That sounds a lot like what investors are seeking through a diversified portfolio.

The authors are also quick to point out that investing isn’t just for people with extra money to make even more money.  Investing is something that we all do every day by directing our time, attention, energy and money in ways that move us toward our future dreams, using a diverse range of strategies.

Cash is not the sole currency of investing, and financial “net worth” is not the only reason we invest.  Rather, investing is done in pursuit of a range of assets including…

Personal: Relationships, Community, Learning, Health, Spiritual Growth
Tangible: Home, Efficient Energy Systems, Local Food Supplies, Healthy Local Ecosystem
Financial: Stocks, Bonds and Savings

The Resilient Investing Map below highlights each of the 9 investment zones where your time and/or money can be invested…


Note that these 9 investment zones provide far more diversification than the sole focus on a typical financial portfolio as represented by Zone 8.

The book dives into each of these 9 zones and highlights how your outlook regarding the path of humanity may influence your investment decisions.

My favorite chapter was “Tales of Resilient Living” where the three authors share how they use the Resilient Investing Map to guide their unique investment plans based on their personal outlooks and personalities.

The Resilient Investor is a very helpful guide for Permaculture-minded folks to design an investment plan aligned with their values.

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